Psychomotor Drive

Screen Shot (Final Pursuit)“The Last of the Mohicans” (The Final Pursuit) We train tirelessly to increase our Kinetic Quotient (KQ) which is our movement quality which is summated by our efficiency, connectivity and stability. Digging deeper, we view stability as our controlled display of strength and power through dynamic ranges of motion. As athletes we also study our craft, the ins and outs within our arenas that pushes our Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Increasing our comprehension, situational awareness and the understanding of the complexities of the moment gives athletes distinct advantages because it reduces the amount of mistakes made. Athleticism is great, but if we are always making incorrect decisions and moving in the wrong direction, the the aforementioned athleticism is null & void. Lastly, the development of our Emotional Quotient (EQ) is our emulsifying psychomotor drive, the sharpening our ability to do what we have to do at the exact moment when it needs to be done. Maintaining composure, being in position to take advantage of situations when they present themselves, critical thinking under duress are all vital skills that teeter an athlete on failure and success. Train Heroically with Sword & Soul Solutions: []

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