Effort & Efficiency

“When its needed the most, we’re normally at our worst.”

Missed the Mark

Understanding the difference between training at a high level versus high level training can be accomplished by recognizing the normal end result of all of our efforts.

Take a moment to reflect on our all of our life’s experiences.  When we are most frustrated, the best action for positive effect would have been the opposite of what we displayed.  When maintaining composure was the best course of action, but instead we wigged-out and lost it.  When movement and action would have increased the probability of success, but instead we froze with inaction.  These are not meant to be insults, just the standard of human interaction with this day and age in the environments that we now live in.  In order to rise above this norm, it requires the development of our basic physiological adaptations like getting stronger, more powerful, faster and such.  But the key to utilizing this potential for greatness requires a very special key.  That key is the sharpening of our skills in using the mental & emotional drivers that we acquire through systematic training.  These are force multipliers when it comes to displaying our athleticism.  Every training session is riddled with situations that are uncomfortable enough that it force us to recognize our emotional responses to failure, to pain and reaches that line where every athlete will compromise integrity of posture, positioning and temporarily quitting.  Do we get angry or frustrated?  What kind of face are we wearing?  Then, we have to recognize how much does this effect our coordination.  What is the result of all of our output?  But not measured in effort rather in efficiency, because often times hard charging athletes forget the difference between success in training and successes in the arenas.  Yes the development of specific high-level skills requires commensurate high-level efforts.  But the development of our psychomotor drive is the spring of our springboard that launches performances.  Training at a high level is a basic foundation for success, but it is only the ground floor.  Efforts that push high-level training will drive high-level performance efficiencies.  Any proverbial big, dumb animal will continually try to shove the even more proverbial square peg into the round hole for a thousand frustrating reps, get a bit of soreness and call it a good workout.


It will be in your effortless, ease of movements within the arenas that that will let you know just how much your smarter added to your already existing harder that has made your training more effective, equating to greater efficiency.

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