Balance for the High Speed

Great read by Vincent Vargas for

Special Operations, LEO and…

any & all who are obsessively pursuing their dreams.

Vincent Vargas

“The pitch black room was fitting for my state of mind. This was my reward for being meant for something greater than me; it was my prize for being good at a job many couldn’t do or even wanted to do. You find out after a while that filling every breath you have with this lifestyle, and giving all of yourself to it, will draw the ironic cruelty of life leaving you with seemingly nothing.”

“Special Operations and Law Enforcement: The Importance of Balance”

by Vincent Vargas

“I had friends who tried to warn me, who had seen this coming, as I put this job above everything else. But it was simpler for me, I was the right size peg for this hole. Why else would God put this in my heart? He must have a plan for me. Whatever that plan may be, I wasn’t willing change myself. I had tried. They say the path of the warrior is a solitary one. You work so hard to climb the ladder, to accomplish impossible achievements, but in the end there is nobody to share it with.”

Raider Project

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“When I returned home to the real world, I found myself standing on level ground with people who had taken a completely different path with their time on this Earth. I looked at the guy next door and wished my life was that easy, while he looked at me and wished his could’ve been this exciting.”

Vincent Vargas (COO Article 15 Clothing)

All quotes by Vincent Vargas.

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