Political Correctness helps to…

Suppress Potential

PC Leads to you sucking!

Link to article by Jessica Stillman (Contributor, Inc.com)

My blatant insensitivity to perceived irrelevance has just been proven by science to be a great tool at avoiding the pitfalls of political correctness, which suppresses potential.  In many regards, my lack of sympathy often gets me labeled as a jerk.  i have never been one to stand on a base of negativity that i’ve personally built.  Yet many hard chargers like myself will admit that the incessant complaining of others only fuels our fires, spring-boarding our performances above their perceived despair.  “The more that they complain and the worse that they look, the stronger that I get.” Dr. Seth Gasser often war cried as he pushed feats of performances left only for the imagination of the average man.  Complaining has always seemed poor utilization of efforts as i’ve always flashed an askanced look when told that i should vent to release built-up emotional tension because i’ve forever felt that it is a complete waste of psycho-motor ammunition used to destroy barriers.


[a·skance (ə-skăns′, a·skant, ə-skănt′) adv. 1. With disapproval, suspicion or distrust]

“…complaining is bad for your mood and the mood of your friends and colleagues, but that’s not all that’s wrong with frequent negativity.  Apparently, it’s also bad for your brain and your health.” states Jessica Stillman in her recent article about being negative and the trap of venting in order to make you feel better.

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Psychotherapist R. Lee Ermey


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S3 Askanced (Black on White)

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