The Devil & Success is in the Details

If engagement levels dictate carry-over success, then conventional wisdom should always be challenged, driving a shift in our mental approach is imperative.  We must deal with the positive & negative reactions of everything that we do.

Tyler & Ryan

“Conventional wisdom is often times more convention and less wisdom” For many reasons, the application of the T-Spine Lat Pull Over not only rivals but exceeds the Vertical Pull Up as a foundation for amphibious athletic development. Barring personal orthopedic considerations, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the implementation of either into comprehensive and systematic training systems. But to dig deeper, just like all exercises, higher levels of engagement lead to greater cross-education benefits into accelerating specific skill acquisition.

In order for athletes to increase in both volume and/or intensity, there is great temptation to EXCESSIVELY shorten levers in vertical pulling, which is completely contradictory to amphibious success. These include but are not limited to again EXCESSSIVE lordotic (low back) curvature, femoral rotation & abduction, shoulder girdle protraction/anterior tilt/elevation, upper thoracic spinal flexion and cervical extension to reach the chin over the bar. Some of these apply to V-Pulls as well T-Spine Pull Overs, but the temptation is real and it is overwhelmingly great.

The algebraic self-check for efficacy dictates that we always ask ourselves: In the heat of the moment of each and every rep, am i dynamically displaying strength while maintaining the essential posture & positioning that my skill and sport require for me to be successful?  We always have to put our athletes in positions to be successful in the weight room that connect to success in the arenas. Streamlining can’t be thought of only as an in-water skill, but an emulsifier for all program design/application, a complete philosophical shift and way of life.

Long Axis V-Pull

Long Axis V-Pull

sDb T-Spine Lat Pull Over.png

sDb T-Spine Lat Pull Over

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