Shades of Awesome

Elevate the expectations that we have for ourselves

Extreme Dynamic Display!

Dynamic Display of AWESOMENESS

The experiences that i’ve been blessed w/ during a long career can be summed up w/ what i’ve grown to refer to as “Shades of Awesome”.  Do an on-the-line search, Google any exercises or movement.  In this case i researched ‘extreme oblique strength’.  A broad spectrum of offerings ranged from your basic side-lying floor crunch to this epic level of “1-upmanship”:

Human Flags

Karen et Dominic – Les drapeaux humains – The Human Flags – France Incroyable Talent 2014 saison 9

Whatever we do and no matter how good that we get, there is someone out there doing something so awesomely-unfathomable that it pushes our own imagination of what is possible and what can be done. This requires an insane laser-like focus and an obsessive level of engagement in training to get to this point.

Constantly elevate the expectation that you have for ourselves. If we’re average, get good. If we’re good, get good-er and great. If we can consider ourselves among the great, then we’re ready to dive deep into unconventional and prepare ourselves to do something magical!

Over the length of my career i’m also bombarded with “i can’t do that because of my…” which turns the gears into two paths of thought.  One is to offer a solution for adaptation or alternate modes.  The other is to offer subtle motivation in the form of the Butterfly Effect.  Whether we chose to accept it or not, this rippling effect is clear and present.  Somewhere down the line, the thoughts and feelings that exist in our head and hearts will drive our actions.  Not in empty words and promises, but in these actions will others see and learn from.  If you happen to be performing on big stages, then the obvious holds true.  Somebody that we will never meet will be inspired by what we do.  But we also often forget those nearest to us.  Our athletes, our peers, our spouses, our children and grandchildren.  What we do in their eyes is often the greatest of inheritance that we can pass along.

We will go into further detail in our next two series, Kaizen and Epigenetic Changes.

Slick'd (White No BG)

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