Train ’em Up or dumb it down?

i’m always reluctant to use the expression “dumb it down” as i’ve found hypocritical results in this process as frustration is inevitable when we produce athletes that can’t think and consequentially perform in the arenas on their own.  At S3 by Raph Ruiz we believe in “Training ’em Up” rather than dumbing it down.  If i was an effective scholastic educator, i would strongly refrain from using the dumb it down verbiage and instead opt for the semantic phrase “help ’em understand”.  If athletes will make the epigenetic evolutionary leap from maximizing potential to elevating it, an integral component to their PIPE performance envelope is increasing their IQ at two levels.  The superficial one entails more effective prescription: activation into integration for greater cross-over education.  The deeper level entails the cultural shift of increasing the athletes’ awareness, mind-muscle connections and understanding of how every detail of training contributes to the build-up of their performance envelope.  In the end, a highly effective template helps drive athletes to develop greater creativity to express within the arenas.  Their connection strength, their fluid & dynamic display of power up on stage is a direct correlation to their level of engagement at all levels.

Screen Shot (Core Connecion Cplx 1)

Core Connection Complex 1

Cross-Body V-Ups, Snow Angel Sit Ups to Manually Resisted (Accentuated Negative) Lunge Position Centerline Holds.  The next step is to take all of this activation and push that into a big, strength developing primal(s) that is a directed contributor to specific athletic skill that the athlete is sharpening.  Finally, systematically & progressively perform the skill over & over in as many different and variable modes as possible while protecting the integrity of posture, positioning & perfection of that aforementioned skill!  For instance the Core Connection Complex 1 into heavy Bb Walking Lunges, give ’em sufficient rest then various Bounds-to-Go Fast Sprints!  The fight will be in building and re-building a culture that has allowed “not knowing” to not only be acceptable, but cool.  If we continue to dumb it down, that’s exactly what we are going to continually get.  The beauty in over-achievers and hyper-high performers not knowing how they do the things that they do is not in stupidity or even aloofness.  It is in the awe of the whole being so much more than the sum of the parts.  1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 for a simple athlete does equal 3.  But for the highly engaged and driven athlete who is constantly elevating potential, 1.9 + 1.9 + 1.9 equals 5.7.

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Screen Shot (Train Heroically w: S3 by Raph Ruiz)

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