Improve Your Ability to Improve

Raise your expectations

Gemba Kaizen is a practice of continually improving measured against a constantly rising standard by increasing positive strengths and removing inefficient weaknesses.

Gemba Kaizen (Vertical)

Therefore improving our abilities must be further viewed as an ability in of itself.  Doing the conventional things that got us to this point should be held with a bit of healthy rebellion.  i was once taught that if someone has the ability to be brilliant, lazy and driven then encourage it.  Those are the ones that develop efficiencies that others will not and can not see.  Conventional and the traditions that adhere to it eventually must be evolved to unconventional because the threshold for adaptation and change cannot be met through baseline stimulus alone.

“Unconventional training is executing a well-researched, scientifically backed program that will physically prepare you to perform in any environment, even ones unimaginable. ‘Basic’ training does just what it says, it provides a base, but to truly perform at an elite level, whether this be for competition or survival, one must go beyond ‘basic’ and strive for excellence.” – R.B. (US Army Ranger)

As heroic athletes rise through the tiers of their chosen calling, every t must be crossed and every i dotted to ensure success in more and more competitive theaters.  HERO prep from all branches of military, LEO, fire & rescue have know this and have installed many epigenetic evolutions because of the life & death manner that have to be prepared for.

“So you made it this far…Good!  You thought it was tough to get here. You did what everyone told you to do, you put in the time, maybe even some diet and food thoughts.  So now what?  Continue like you have done so far and hope that it will keep you on top?  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!  Now you are the prey.  Everybody is coming for you and you better step it up.  What else can you do?  What are those weaknesses that you know you have but haven’t mentioned to anyone?  Yeah I know you have them, bring them out.  If you don’t honestly face all your weaknesses they will trip you up sooner or later.  Maybe talent took you this far, maybe physiological adaptations have given you an advantage but that’s over.  Search your soul, search for methods and techniques that will benefit you.  Look at the holistic picture, anything that will push you in the right direction.  Then it is time to work.  With a plan, with a coach and with a purpose.  We’ve have all heard it, after completing a Selection process…NOW the tough work begins.  It’s true…You better start the tough work ’cause they are coming for you.” – S.H. (MARSOC Raider)

Phelps vs Lochte“Somewhere someone is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn’t worry about what workout to do.  His rucksack weighs what it weighs and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him.  Your enemy doesn’t care ‘how hard it is.  He knows he either wins or he dies.  He doesn’t go home at 1700,  he is home.  He knows only his cause.” – J.M. (USN SEAL)

A recent interesting psychological study revealed that for the recent majority of recipients, an Olympic bronze medal brought more emotional satisfaction than a silver medal.  This is believed to stem from a silver medal being felt as a comparative loss to the one individual gold medal winner who bettered them versus the bronze medal winner was viewed their award as a win against everyone else in the world whom they beat to get to that point.  So if your are in HERO prep, your motivation should go without saying.  But for the rest of the world, you’ll be up on the high stages and everyone will be there to witness your performances.  What most will never comprehend is the extent that you were willing to push yourself.  Your imagination in training must be so grand that your efforts can’t help but to drive unimaginable feats.

“When your at the top everyone is physically equal. What will separate the .001 percent from the 1 percent, is your ability to mentally cope with the idea that what you are capable of is limitless.” – M.P. (US Army CAG “Delta”)


For a few chosen, your greater purpose is to bear the flag which carries the hopes & dreams of a nation with it.  Within HERO circles, carry-the-load means constantly improving, bettering yourself so that you are not a liability to the team but rather a force multiplier; carry-the-load means being being so strong that you able to help your teammates in need; carry-the-load means that you understand the vast and deep consequences of your actions in that everything that you chose to express in your heart of hearts, animated into movement, will represent people that you will never meet.  You can bear the emotions of millions of your countrymen and bring smiles to our faces in the deepest of darkest hours.

Constantly improve so that when it comes time for you to Carry-the-Load, you will…!

Veterans Day

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