The Insanity of Average vs Elite

“Overview of How Variables Can Be Developed to Increase Resistance to Losing”


“Average Andy vs Michael Phelps 50M Fly”

And check out more average athletes competing against another super-freak:

“100m Race: Usain Bolt vs James Corden & Owen Wilson”]

The depth and breadth of highly crafted skills which the best-in-class athletes achieve is beyond comprehension for the majority of us within the bulk of the bell-shaped curve.


 The Captain Obvious moment is the superficial comparisons of what nature has provided each and every one of us.  When we initially evaluate potential, 1st and foremost we look at the “PRE” (Presence) category in our Pipeline Performance Standards.  More specifically i am referring to the Roman numeral I “Talent” category.


It is not unheard of, but accomplishing hyper-high levels of athletic successes without the anthropometric measurements, the specific neuromuscular wiring, the range of muscle composition and dimensions becomes a giant barrier to overcome.  All 0f that must also be wrapped up and bow-tied with a helping sprinkle of genetic anomaly that lends to success in certain athletic endeavors that drive the athlete to the extremely far right such as the hyper-mobile joints like the ankles and knees in swimmers: hyper-mobile-ankles-feel-for-the-water

“Ankle Flexibility With Olympic Medalist Cassie Patten” (Feel for the Water)

…or disproportionate wingspans of Offensive Lineman:


“Top 10 Best Offensive Lineman in NFL History”

…or the tree frog hand-spread in basketball:


Again, the performance world has some exceptions to the rule, but the cards are stacked against those who do not have those attributes that distinctly contribute to successes.  BUT through comprehensive development, those proverbial shortcomings can either be buried underneath a myriad of other positive factors or shored up defensively so that they are no longer a weakness.  We’ve been in a world where most develop maybe one or two variables like strength or their motor.  It is only until recently that many are taking a look past the trees to see the forest to figure out the immense areas that could positively contribute to winning.  This approach increases the probabilities that the underdog will be in a better striking distance if and when the favorite slips and falters.  A small mistake here and a door is left open where opportunities can only be seized if you are in position to take a step through before it closes.  On the other end of the spectrum are the favorites whose variables are overly stacked for them.  They should be driven to develop as many weak links as possible so as to reduce the probability that they don’t allow lesser opponents a chance, a very small chance to steal a victory.  Those who know and those who are learning will utilize these tools to create championship cultures.  The rest will continue doing the exact same things without desired successes yet still expect different outcomes.  There’s a word that many use for that habit…


To subscribe to one of our on-line training templates, visit us at: “Train Heroically with S3 by raph ruiz”: [“Train Heroically with Raph Ruiz”].  You can get your own Cordio2 resisted breathers at: [CordiO2 “Resisted Breathers”].

Please share with anyone and everyone who needs a bit more ‘ASAP’ (Accelerated Skills Acquisition Programming) in their training.

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