Leadership & Accountability

Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality


Strong, effective leadership and its requisite responsibility to develop team accountability is never an easy road. Most do not posses the long term understanding of the cause & effect of even the simplest of day-to-day actions. Many do not have the level of EQ (Emotional Quotient) needed to feel the ebb & flow of momentum shifts which are fundamentally crucial to consistently winning at high levels. Few have the presence and command to demand change from the ones who they will ultimately, in turn, rely upon. Then and only then does all of that have to be gift wrapped into a bullet-proof package by someone who is willing to put themselves on the line by leading from the front, by leading by example.


  • Raph,
    Listened to you on Power Athlete radio. Love all of your work and this blog – it is great listening to your perspective and experience on all things strength and conditioning. Will you ever hit the seminar circuit again?

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