Month: November 2017

The Benefits of Instant-AWESOME!

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Throughout his life we¬†have been gradually inoculating lil’ Raider into the fold with a beautiful practice that we affectionately call “Instant-Awesome”! We have a couple of huge jugs of water that we keep filled in the refrigerator. After going hard and playing fast, we hustle over for a delicious bit of cold water splash to soothe the soul! As roots take hold over the years and Raider begins to understand the very complex concept of the different levels of SELF-discipline, this practice will continue to initialize a high display. First you read, learn and understand all of its benefits.

(“Here are 5 reasons a freezing, cold shower will change your life”)

Then…you offer yourself the choice to give up comforts to bathe in an overwhelming rush of cold-awesomeness with all of the goodness that it brings. It is exactly at these moments that self-discipline transforms from a widely discussed mandatory, yet fundamental principle into actionable skills. To go even further down the rabbit hole, accelerate skill acquisition by creating your own daily, bi-weekly or weekly practice to turn this into your own habit. Give it what we call a “Blackjack’s Run” and commit to at least 21 occasions to allow the seed to take strong roots. Practice putting on your best “normal face” while you are flooded with instantaneous discomfort. For example, its on the other end of the spectrum, but Shaquille O’Neal’s valiant and hilarious run at the HOT Chip Challenge is its own practice & test of stoicism:

With the marking of November’s Beaver Moon, our weekended beach calisthenics, suck sand running & open water swimming sessions take a dramatic turn in comfort levels. Much of the basis of our Festive Season Surf & Turfs are steeped in the benefits of cold, salty water immersion.¬† If you are in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, the world’s largest cold water, epsom salt bath is just waiting for your warm embrace.


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