“Sports do not develop character…”

Jim Davis, Good Athlete Project

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In these days and age where it is so easy and simple to pass the buck. The responsibility falls upon those wise enough to have learned the lessons yet kind enough to pass them onto the next generation of rising stars. Whether we want to accept the truth or not, the psychology of discomfort dictates that every single training stimulus can and will invoke a physical AND an emotional response in every athlete. What happens immediately afterwards can set a path for positive response or down a negative road. Coaching, mentoring and parenting success relies on our foresight and ability to calmly prepare them up for temporary failure, set them up to fail. So when they do, a golden opportunity presents itself for them to look us in the eyes. It is in the “flash point” that we can coach ‘em up on just how to effectively address their next courses of action. We can build a relationship, trust and ignite their confidence in volunteering to choose the harder road of more adversity. Or left to their own devices, many times they will back down and crawl into a hole of avoidance. Their psychomotor responses at these junctures can and will shape & mold either a RISING or a falling star!

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