“Fault vs Responsibility”

My Dearest Raider,
As a coach, your Dadda and a teammate in your small circle, i feel that it is my responsibility to give you this exact message, but to take it even further. It is imperative that i lead you to develop positive compensation patterns to deal with the stresses that you will be faced with. i’ve been blessed enough to have been in the craft for quite some time. Throughout this journey i’ve heard every excuse, point and reason why many peoples’ desired successes haven’t been achieved. You are growing up in an age where everyone wants to quickly label everyone else and pack on the excuses that come with it all. Height, weight, race, color, creed, gender, socio-economic background, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. We all have our quirks, short comings and issues to deal with along our way with some more than others, but it is irrelevant. You will come to recognize that in life, just like the arenas, the absolutes do not care what kind of baggage you’re toting along. The stop watch doesn’t care. A touch pad doesn’t care. Sprinting to the game-winning ball lofted into the end zone will not care. Your opponents definitely will not care. Your product development or sales figures will not care. i feel that our correct response is to teach you how to “deal with it all” in a positive manner. But oftentimes we never give our young rising stars the tools to do so. i’ll watch the grimaces on faces when the discomfort of an exercise and workout are too much to bear. i take note of the sad-face look of despair when they fail at difficult, near-impossible tasks. Some idly stand by and watch others implode in times of training adversity and then they all wonder why it happens in grand events. As a society, many times this leads us to commit the bigger sin as we shy away from confrontation and not putting peoples into situations where they can progressively, systematically learn how to compensate, how to deal with these emotions. Learn the “TiVo Pause”, continuously practice box breathing, fine-tune your meditation, sharpen your ability to extract relevant information in chaos, maintain effective communication, and so on and so forth in training. For instance, your under-waters are highly valuable tools to maintain composure under duress, to learn to apply focused attention to the task at hand and to remain calm in stressful situations. During training, use mirror moments so that you can recognize your habits and make a decision to put into play the most effective tools to gain traction and build momentum. Then regardless of the situations and their emotional dangers and pitfalls, you will come to bear your healthy defiance and “In Spite Of…” you will succeed.
Love Always,
Your Dadda

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