You Are Weird…celebrate it!

My Dearest Raider,
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.50.03 AM
Crazy, Hopping Penguin It is the weird ones like yourself that live in the fringes. You guys think what you are doing is only natural. You are one of the individuals whose minds tick differently. You rationalize differently. You see the world differently. You are these individuals who demonstrate the ability to not only see a difference in public opinion, a view from outside of the proverbial box, also who put forth rare and focused energy into creating changes. Be wary of “centers of excellence” for they need new self-evaluations. Chasing greatness isn’t only about the bare-bones metrics of being more intelligent and increasing weight room numbers because this is a minimum effort accomplishment for gifted individuals. Time and time again the “X-factors” become the launch pads that send talent to new heights. You are growing up in a world that is riddled with a singular socio-drive to better grades, test scores and metric-chasing. But life constantly proves that it is your character development that will allow your true talents, whatever that they may be, to sprout and flourish. A bigger bench press, squat, Oly lift is great and all, unless you become a turd bucket in the process. Don’t be a turd bucket. Your talent is only useful if you have the character to stay in the game long enough to make long lasting, positive changes to the picture that is bigger than yourself. Nurture your greatness, feed it and prune it and continue to grow the confidence needed to bring positive changes to the world. i am constantly in awe and every day i celebrate your weirdness young, rising star.
Love Always,
Your Dadda

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