My Dearest Raider,


“How Navy SEAL Hell Week Builds Indestructible Teams”

(video presentation by Brent Gleeson, former Navy SEAL)

A team-driven culture doesn’t happen by accident. It must be planted, nurtured and grown. Every rising star like yourself must understand the inherent value of your “team-ability” in that your successes from life till death are strongly dependent on your ability to work effectively as teammates. Our family is a team. What you reap in the arenas is team-driven. Even the successes within traditionally individual-based sports such as Track & Field, Swimming, Tennis and such are based off of team-based relations between coaches, training partners, sports med and all. Your eventual professional career(s) in the work force will all based off of developing cohesion between teammates. And again contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just happen. It is a skill that you must constantly practice and fine-tune! But what you have yet to comprehend is the absolutely amazing double-edged sword, the gift of team-ability. This occurs because the stronger that you can help make your team and the more that you can raise their actionable expectations of themselves, then you will quickly learn that ALL of the ships on the team will float higher on the rising tide!

Love Always,


Your Dadda

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