Those who can control self-preservation…

My Dearest Raider,


The yield of America’s decades-long social experiment has been reaped, measured and found wanting. Most everyone desires rampant peace to flourish throughout every corner of this flat earth as much as justice, equality and non-offensive behaviors. Throughout your life you will quickly recognize 4 types of peoples. Whether we want to believe it or not, history proves and reproves time and time again that the “evil wolf” in bad peoples will inevitably come knocking in some shape, form and fashion. They exist to devour the mass of sheep, the seemingly innocent victims of naivety. What stops them are sheepdogs who stand shoulder-to-shoulder to guard the flock, placing themselves between who and what they love and those trying to take it away. And then there are the noble wolves who initiate movement to take the fight out to the enemy. They hunt them down in their lairs. They extend far beyond their reach, doing what other wolves do because that is exactly what they are. They are physically brutish. Emotionally, they are rough around the edges, oftentimes abrasive and obsessive compulsive. Intellectually, they curse too much. Most need adrenaline to self-medicate and suffering is a sought after and acceptable 2nd hand substitute. Throughout the good times, the characteristics and traits of these war fighters is deemed archaic and counterproductive to society’s needs…until bad things are encircling and the need arises for someone to put the reasoning of self-preservation aside.

In the end, never lose your warrior’s heart & soul. We will nurture your passions, loves and likes. As you continue to grow, you will continue to chose and re-chose who you are and what you want to be. Regardless of what you decide to devote your talents to, regardless what craft you will develop and sharpen your skills for, never lose your warrior’s heart & soul. What we’ve come to know you as you, many outside of your small circle will in fact label you weird. You are undoubtedly hard-working, gritty, passionate and disciplined.

Never, ever lose your warrior’s heart & soul.


Love Always,

Your Dadda

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