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Screen Shot (Craftsmanship - Pride & Vanity versus Hypocrisy & Regret)

Pride & Vanity versus Hypocrisy & Regret

There will be those individual moments when our mentors, our teachers and those that we have the utmost respect for evaluate the quality of our craft. Does our professional vanity elevate the level of our coaching so high that we are proud of the movements that our athletes are displaying? Or is the thunder in our mouths greater than the lightning in our hands? Meaning, does a significant amount of hypocrisy exist between what we proclaim and preach on the mountain top as the benefits of our system versus what that aforementioned system actually accomplishes. The athletes’ display of weight room stability, strength & power should highly correlate to their in-arena display of power, speed & agility with their skills. Further more, as coaches we often forget that the cost of this pursuit is measured in musculotendinous failure, excessive psycho-motor energy expenditure and motivation. If the pursuit of attaining weight room successes overwhelms the athlete to the point where practicing and accelerating their arena’s specific skill acquisition is compromised, then a high level of hypocrisy must be assumed by us. Expression of movement quality over time, sustainability and reliability, should be the emulsifier of every performance template. So the next time someone that we respect comes to visit, it is in moments like these that we will realize just how much professional integrity we have maintained. With pride or regret will we answer questions like: How effective was i as a coach? Did i do all that i can to increase movement quality? What did i do to increase my athletes’ specific skill acquisition? At the forefront of my R&D and the motivational driving force when coaching gets hectic and frustrating, i always think to myself, “What would Coach Bentley Leslie Pollard, Kent Morgan and​ Bennie Wylie​ say if they walked in right now?”

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